Ambassador Program

The mad cool ambassador team is a tight knit community of people who are part of the mad cool brand! We will accept eligible ambassador from every field (travel, fitness, lifestyle, etc). Ambassadors will receive goody bags, kits, exclusive items, and sales commissions.

To apply, click here.

Who can apply to become a mad cool ambassador?

To be a mad cool ambassador, you must be active on social media (no private accounts) and over the age of 18.

Ambassador Rules

Ambassadors must represent the brand in a respectful, professional and positive manner. Mad cool reserves the right to terminate an ambassadorship at any time.

How do I get paid for my sales?

You will be paid 10% in commission for sales made using your unique discount code. Put simply, you will get 10 KWD for every 100 KWD in generated sales. Any orders returned or canceled will not count as a successful checkout.

What are some other ambassador perks?

Besides 10% commission, ambassadors will receive an introductory goodie bag or gift card with items to promote and rep, as well as their very own 20% discount on all items throughout their ambassadorship. We will follow you on social media and promote you as one of our brand ambassadors alongside our team.

What discount does my audience receive?

Your unique discount code provides 20% off a customer’s first order. Your discount code does not apply to returning customers.

Who and what is my discount applicable for?

Your unique discount code is only applicable to first time customers. If a customer has purchased from our website before, they are unable to use your discount code.

How often can I use my own ambassador discount and what is it applicable for?

Your 20% discount is applicable to ALL products, and is to be used by you, the ambassador, only. Your discount can be used for every purchase you make using your email and the ambassador code at checkout. You must register your email before being able to use the code.

Why won’t my discount code work?

There are a few reasons why your discount code is not working:
- The customer is not a first time customer.
- The customer is inputting the code incorrectly.
- The customer has ineligible products in their checkout cart.

Ambassador Content

We want to share your amazing imagery and video across our socials, and will tag you in our posts in which you are featured! When uploading this content, you give universal usage rights for mad cool to use, edit, and publish your content in any format, on any platform. Your content is not guaranteed to be used and/or posted. We are looking for content that follows our brand guidelines and standards. Although there is no minimum requirement to posting, the more you are able to generate in sales, the more you will receive! You will also be asked to participate in any events, shoots, or other occasions where we might need our brand ambassadors present.

Ambassador Communication

We will be sending out reporting emails to keep you updated on your sales progress. Additionally, our team will send out emails to keep you updated on brand initiatives, one-off projects, community events, and much more!

Discontinuing the Ambassadorship

If you no longer want to be an ambassador, we totally understand. Sometimes it just doesn't work for you. Just shoot us an email at info@shopmadcool and let us know and we can cancel your ambassador account for you.

Your ambassadorship will terminate if you do not drive an order within a 6 month period.